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What we do

High-impact advertising services to grow your business

BLACK369 creates paid advertisements tailored to your specific audience, providing maximum engagement. Our ads are guaranteed to outperform any other advertising you’re running – or you don’t pay.

Helping clients scale

using paid advertising

across all major platforms.

Our easy onboarding process

A simple & efficient three step process

Sign the NDA and pay the invoice, we send access to Trello, you give us access to analytics accounts, then we start!

All project management and communications will be done via Trello. Virtual calls will be held once a week for the first month, then once a month there after.

Process - Agency X Webflow Template

01. Onboarding

Sign NDA and pay invoice. Then receive access to Trello for project management and communications.

Process - Agency X Webflow Template

02. Audit

Give us access to your analytics accounts for audit and gameplan organization.

Analytics - Agency X Webflow Template

03. Start

We list the tasks and get to work!


Gabriel Lumagui

Gabriel Lumagui, born and raised in Silicon Valley, California, is a growth marketer with expertise in branding, lead generation, e-commerce, content creation, and viral marketing. As the Founder of BLACK369 and Chief Marketing Officer of Bolingo Balance, Gabriel uses story branding, sales funnels, digital advertising, CRO, and social media to curate an omnipresence strategy, build business foundations and maximize ROI.

Your blueprint for unstoppable, long-term growth.

The 369 Method

The 369 Method stands as a beacon for transformative growth and sustainable success. Designed exclusively for market leaders and industry disruptors, this proprietary strategy is the cornerstone of our high-impact digital campaigns.

Data-Driven Insights

We dive deep into your business metrics to understand where you are, forecast where you're headed, and prescribe actionable steps to get you there faster.

AI-Optimized Execution

The six pillars of a successful digital campaign: Audience Targeting, Content Creation, Platform Selection, Budget Allocation, Timing, and KPI Monitoring. AI optimized systems. Always ahead of the game.

Human-Centric Results

Key performance indicators from customer acquisition cost (CAC) to lifetime value (LTV), ensuring a 360-degree view of your campaign's impact.

Choose Your Monthly Path to

Unstoppable Growth

Flat monthly rates. Pause or cancel anytime.
All projects and communication are managed through Trello.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is performance measured?

Maximizing your advertising campaigns' ROAS and CPA is our priority. We also consider additional KPI's such as CPM, CTR, CPC and internal site metrics for further optimization.

Who do you work with?

From the medical and financial services to the tech, ecommerce, health, personal brands, and entertainment industries, we proudly serve clients from all walks of life. Our expertise and dedication to customer service makes us the perfect partner for any business. With our extensive experience and creative solutions, we promise to bring your vision to life in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Who's not a good fit?

If you're not yet ready to invest 4-6 figures a month, even though your ROAS and CPA targets are being met, we may not be the right fit.

Exceptional cases are made for companies whose products and services are making a major global impact.

What platforms do you advertise on?

Reach your most promising customers/clients with significant ad spend on renowned platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, and Snapchat. Unlock powerful targeting capabilities and maximize your ad budget's impact.

What is the typical timeline?

Ready to get your first campaign up and running? We guarantee launch in 7 days or less - no matter the size of your project!

Do you guarantee marketing results?

Get more for your money with our service – if we don't deliver, you don't pay. Our innovative approach guarantees to boost your return on ad spend.

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